Wind in the Willows Audition Pieces
17/07/2012 10:55
Posted by: Lucy Mathews

The Wind in the Willows Audition Pieces


Audition pieces for 'The Wind In The Willows' can be downloaded below.... please see the following for guidance on specific pieces for each character.   


Mole: Mole, Mole2, Mole3

Rat: Rat, Rat2

Toad: Toad, Toad2, Toad3

Badger: Badger, Badger2

Chief Weasel: Chief Weasel and Norman

Washerwoman: Washerwoman

Albert: Albert

Bargewoman: Bargewoman

Magistrate: Magistrate and male chorus

Gaoler’s Daughter: Gaolers daughter

Weasels, ferrets, stoats (p19,20): Weasels

Other animals, various (p1,2): Weasels


Those auditioning for the part of an animal will be asked to sing ‘In the bleak mid-winter’


For any enquiries please contact Jill Downie at

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