Synopsis All MySons, a play by Arthur Miller tells the tale of Joe Keller, a successful, self-made American businessman, who has done a terrible thing during World War II.

Miller later said “The audience sat in silence before the unwinding of All My Sons and gasped when they should have, and I tasted that power which is reserved, I imagine, for playwrights, which is to know that by one's invention a mass of strangers has been publicly transfixed.

Director: Kelly Twine.

Auditions will be held on Wed 19th and Fri 21stApril at The Green Room Theatre. For an informal chat about the production please e-mail

Join us in The Green Room Theatre on Monday 17thApril at 7.00 p.m. for a screening of All My Sons from The Old Vic. The GreenRoom Theatre bar will be open throughout the evening and the screening is free to all with no pressure to audition. However, we hope that it may inspire youto get involved either on stage or behind the curtains.

Rehearsals commence Mon 1st May and production beginson Mon 24th June.

Production Team and Cast
Director Kelly Twine
Additional Info DDOS are thrilled to announce our upcoming production of the Arthur Miller classic, All My Sons at the Green Room Theatre. SCREENING - Monday 17th April at 7pm Join us at The Green Room Theatre (behind the Dorking Halls) on Monday 17th April at 7pm for a Screening of All My Sons from the Old Vic in 2019.
Our bar will be open throughout the evening and the screening is free to all with no pressure to audition. However, we hope that it will inspire you to get involved (however small) both on stage and behind the curtain in what is bound to be an incredible production.

AUDITIONS - Wednesday 19th and Friday 21st April at 7.30pm Auditions will be held on Wednesday 19th and Friday 21st April, for an informal chat about the production please email our Director, Kelly Twine at

CHARACTER INFO Joe Keller - Joe, 60, was exonerated after being charged with knowingly shipping from his factory defective aircraft engine cylinder heads (for Curtiss P-40 fighters) during World War II, becoming (in his own words) "the guy who made 21 P-40s crash in Australia". For over three years he has placed the blame on his partner and former neighbour, Steve Deever, although he himself committed the crime. When the truth comes out, Joe justifies his actions by claiming that he did it for his family. Kate Keller (Mother) - Kate, 50, knows that Joe is guilty but lives in denial while mourning for her younger son Larry, who has been "missing in action" for three years. She refuses to believe that Larry is dead and maintains that Ann Deever — who returns for a visit at the request of Larry's brother Chris — is still "Larry's girl" and also believes that he is coming back. Chris Keller - Chris, 32, returned home from World War II two years before the play begins, disturbed by the realization that the world was continuing as if nothing had happened. He has summoned Ann Deever to the Keller house in order to ask her hand in marriage, but they're faced with the obstacle of Kate's unreasonable conviction that Larry will someday return. Chris idolizes his father, not knowing initially what he has done. Ann Deever - Ann, 26, arrives at the Keller home having shunned her "guilty" father since his imprisonment. Throughout the play, Ann is often referred to as pretty, beautiful, and intelligent-looking and as "Annie". She had a relationship with Larry Keller before his disappearance and has since moved on because she knows the truth of his fate. She hopes that the Kellers will consent to her marriage to Larry's brother, Chris, with whom she has corresponded by mail for two years. Ann is the truth-bearer in the play. George Deever - George, 31, is Ann's older brother: a successful New York lawyer, WWII veteran, and a childhood friend of Chris's. He initially believed in his father's guilt, but upon visiting Steve in jail, realizes his innocence and becomes enraged at the Kellers for deceiving him. He returns to save his sister from her marriage to Chris, creating the catalyzing final events. Dr. Jim Bayliss - Jim, 40, is a successful doctor, but is frustrated with the stifling domesticity of his life. He wants to become a medical researcher, but continues in his job as it pays the bills. He is a close friend to the Keller family and spends a lot of time in their backyard. Sue Bayliss - Sue, 40, is Jim's wife: needling and dangerous, but affectionate. She too is a friend of the Keller family, but is secretly resentful of what she sees as Chris's bad idealistic influence on Jim. Sue confronts Ann about her resentment of Chris in a particularly volatile scene. Frank Lubey - Frank, 33, was always one year ahead of the draft, so he never served in World War II, instead staying home to marry George's former sweetheart, Lydia. He draws up Larry's horoscope and tells Kate that Larry must still be alive, because the day he died was meant to be his "favorable day". This strengthens Kate's faith and makes it much harder for Ann to move on. Lydia Lubey - Lydia, 27, was George's love interest before the war; after he went away, she married Frank and they soon had three children. She is a model of peaceful domesticity and lends a much-needed cheerful air to several moments of the play. Bert - Bert, 8, is a little boy who lives in the neighborhood; he is friends with the Bayliss' son Tommy and frequently visits the Kellers' yard to play "jail" with Joe. He appears only twice in the play: the first time, his part seems relatively unimportant, but the second time his character is more important as he sparks a verbal attack from mother when mentioning "jail," which highlights Joe's secret.
REHEARSALS will commence from 1st May with PERFORMANCES 27th June - 1st July

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