Crown Matrimonial
Tuesday 17th July to Saturday 21st July 2012
Green Room

Synopsis The fascinating story of Edward VIII’s abdication. Set in Marlborough House between 1936 and 1945, this powerful play focuses on the private family drama of Edward VIII and the Royal Family leading up to the abdication. An engrossing and moving study of both a major constitutional crisis and an overwhelming issue of private and public conflict.

“A gripping and often moving insight into comparatively recent history.” [The Stage]
Production Team and Cast
Director Nathan Farrell
Additional Info Cast
Queen Mary: Sue Harrington

Husband of George V, recently widowed. Epitome of class, refinement, and dignity.

David (King Edward VIII): Laurence Armitage
King, before his coronation (has only been King a few weeks). Although he is 42, looks much young. Charismatic, charming and confident.

Margaret: Kathy Barnes
Lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother. Devoted to the Queen, but not as intimately as Mabell.

Mabell: Annabelle Farrell
Lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother. Devoted to the Queen, life-long friend and confidant. She is elderly, dignified and sensible.

Bertie – future King George VI: Gary Staff
Unlike his elder brother, he looks his age (41). He is shy and retiring with a stammer, but can be tough when needed.

Mary – Princess Royal: Emily Ayres
Very much like her mother (refined and dignified).

Alice – Duchess of Gloucester: Atlanta Yeatman
Attractive, dark and shy.

Monkton: Simon Coppen Gardner
Solicitor and advisor to Queen Mary.

Elizabeth – Duchess of York: Collette Wighton
She has settled into the role of a royal perfectly, and is charming.

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This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

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