Thursday 30th August to Saturday 1st September 2012
Green Room

Synopsis A musical journey through the West End and Broadway. Covering a wide variety of shows, some well-known and some less known, from classics and modern musicals, ranging from 'Wicked' to 'My Fair Lady' to 'Edges'. Songs included will cover powerful love ballads and hilarious comic numbers and everything in between, with something to suit all tastes. 
Production Team and Cast
Director Kate Chapman, Siobhan Ames
Producer Tracey Brammar
Musical Director Sarah Tippelt
Sarah Robinson
Sarah Orton
Louise Blewett
Hannah Simpson
Kirsty Heard
Anna Tippelt
Rosita Gibbons
Siobhan Ames
Kate Chapman
James Turnbull
Richard Thompsett
Aidan Godwin
Shane Goodsir
Crispian Shepley
Contacts Please contact Tracey Brammar on 07946 446521 or email
Tickets £10

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