Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 29th October 2011
Green Room


Set in 1930s Yorkshire, the Vampire Count Dracula has set up base in a ruined abbey following his journey by sea from his castle in Transylvania. Here he sets about bringing his vampire empire to England. When we join the action he has already enslaved Lucy, daughter of Dr. Seward who is the owner of a local insane asylum. Having lost his daughter, Seward sees the same illness taking over Mina, a dear friend of Lucy’s. Her condition is beyond his medical knowledge and he sends for his old friend Abraham Van Helsing. Can Van Helsing defeat Dracula before he takes Mina also to the world of the undead!?

Production Team and Cast
Director Siobhan Ames
Producer Crispian Shepley
Bride Victoria Brooks
Bride Sarah Robinson
Bride Sarah Tippelt
Bride Saskia Wilkinson
Dr Seward Crispian Shepley
Dracula Tony Bannister
Harker Gavin Bell
Lady Agatha Sandra Grant
Lucy Charlotte Pennington
Mina Sophie Toyer
Renfield Martin Tidy
Van Helsing Robert Hamilton
Hennessey Nigel Ames
Additional Info

Robert Hamilton has written a new adaption of Bram Stoker’s classic tale of terror, featuring the principle characters from the book. Quite cinematic in feel, it is also inspired by the ‘Hammer’ Horror films but is not a send-up. This time there is no ‘Ham’ in ‘Hammer’!

Contacts Crispian Shepley
Tickets £10 members and £11 non-members

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Robert Hamilton

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