A Different Way Home
Wednesday 6th April to Saturday 9th April 2016
Green Room

Synopsis A Different Way Home by Jimmie Chinn started life as a short radio play. It was subsequently televised by Granada Television in front of a small studio audience. Such was the reaction that it was then extended into a double bill and premiered at the Oldham Repertory Theatre where it received best actor (Roy Baraclough) and best new play for the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards. In this deeply moving and astutely observed play, two monologues from two members of a family in a small, closely-knit, North of England town tell a powerful story from two wildly different perspectives. Leslie, who has lived with his mother all of his life, tells of the events leading up to her death, unwittingly revealing the extent of his loss and the bitterness towards his sister, Maureen. Feeling betrayed and reject by her family, Maureen tells a different story of grief and isolation. The two powerful voices remind us of the need for families to communicate, and for love to transcend prejudice.
Additional Info 5th - 9th April 2016 at the DDOS Green Room Theatre
Tickets Tickets £11 on sale now

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